A Meal Program That Fits Your Needs

Our team of 2,850+ food service professionals, registered dietitians and operations managers are committed to delivering a nutritionally balanced menu customized to your unique requirements.

Because Trinity serves only the corrections industry, partnering with agencies of every size and scope, we are adept at creating menus that meet national standards for Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA) and special diets. While some customers have requested all-civilian labor teams, we also have operations that utilize offender workers. We manage more than 7,500 offender workers who produce meals, and our nationwide food network allows us to provide considerable cost efficiencies.

We understand that mealtime plays a critical role in maintaining a stable, secure facility, and we take that responsibility very seriously. Our mission is to provide food service that is always properly prepared and presented, and reinforces a sense of order and control—every mealtime, every day.


Trinity uses NetMenu® food service management software to instantly update standards and share common recipes, menus and settings across all our operations. This unique technology also lets us access nutritional information, manage inventory and purchasing, and generate production reports. And in our research and development kitchen, we develop new recipes and products to refine food production and create more satisfying meals.

Purchasing Power

Trinity customers benefit from our vast national procurement programs, which enable us to secure quality products at competitive prices. Our team constantly tests and evaluates new products and sources.

Nutritional Requirements

Our in-house, registered dieticians meet with customers and medical staff to develop menus that exceed federal, state, and local guidelines, and respect individuals’ dietary and religious requirements.

Safety and Security

Because food safety and facility security are two of our top priorities, we thoroughly prepare our team members in both areas. We strictly observe FDA Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) safety standards at every level, and team members receive in-depth food safety and preparation training.  They undergo background checks and ACA certification, and are trained and certified in correctional security procedures, including daily briefings on the facility’s latest security developments. They also attend 40 hours of continuing education programs annually to stay abreast of the latest security, safety and food service information.

ServSafe® Classes

Trinity managers are ServSafe certified, and share their knowledge with your staff and offender workers. As a result, you gain ServSafe-certified staff, and inmates learn valuable, marketable skills. 

Efficient Meal Delivery

Our team members work closely with your staff to keep mealtimes running smoothly, using food service delivery systems designed specifically for your facility’s unique layout, security requirements and kitchen specifications. 

Learn More About Trinity Food Services:

Whatever your facility’s size, scope and requirements … our comprehensive suite of programs and services can help you optimize your meal preparation and delivery operation. Learn more about our extensive capabilities below:

Full Service – Traditional inmate food service of 3 meals a day, 7 days a week

Trinity Sourcing Solutions – Leveraging Trinity’s established delivery and supply network with your operations

Trinity Take-Out – Use special meals for staff and inmate behavior modification

ASCEND – A vocational and educational training program that helps reduce recidivism

Innovations – Our experienced team members are constantly looking for ways to improve menu variety and lower portion costs.