Advanced Skills, Career Education, New Development—ASCEND—is Trinity’s innovative vocational, leadership, and managerial training program. It’s designed to prepare participants for post-incarceration employment and, ultimately, reduce recidivism. We provide end-to-end vocational training and education, as well as ongoing practical support, that helps offenders obtain gainful employment when they rejoin society, from entry-level to management opportunities.

ASCEND participants gain hands-on experience and exposure to hospitality industry routines and norms. The program incentivizes responsible behavior and cultivates self-esteem as participants learn valuable, in-demand skills they can readily transfer post incarceration. They can become food- and kitchen-prep workers, custodians, dishwashers, short-order cooks, and even fill managerial roles, in restaurants, cafeterias, kitchens, and retail settings.

Getting Talent Back to Work

Trinity supports the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Foundation’s Second Chance program, and have taken their “Getting Talent Back to Work Pledge” to provide opportunities to qualified people with a criminal records, deserving of a second chance.