Customer Testimonials

“Definitely the overall staffing from the DM on down to the onsite manager and team are very supportive of any changes that we need to make.  They genuinely care about our needs or complaints and are wonderful to work with.  The food has improved and there is more variety.  Overall we have a great relationship with Trinity.”

~ Business Manager, Pennsylvania Correctional Center

“The responsiveness of the company and staff who are willing to meet with us anytime to deal with inmate issues.  They are always responsive in finding solutions. It is rare that we have problems with them or their staff.”

~ Warden, Pennsylvania County Jail

“Unlike other food vendors, their protocol is very good. I know of some vendors who cut food portions until people start to scream, but not Trinity. We receive few inmate complaints.”

~ Warden, New Jersey County Correctional Facility

“I highly recommend Trinity; they are a godsend. When the Health Department came, they said that ours was the cleanest kitchen they had inspected.”

~ Captain, New York County Jail

“I love the food service. We receive good quality for the price and they are responsive to our needs.”

~ Chief, New York Correctional Facility

“They have been good partners to work with, and have succeeded in accomplishing some great things in terms of audits, accreditations, and compliance. The fact that we continue to use them and that they have been here for many years says a great deal, and it is because we are getting the most bang for our buck. Their customer service is excellent and they are customer oriented.  There have even been articles written about this, when for example they stayed here overnight during inclement weather in order to serve people. Trinity really rises to the top.”

~ Assistant Chief, Georgia Detention Center

“Their reliability. They do what they say they will do, meet the terms of the contract and are low maintenance.”

~ Colonel, Florida County Jail